PVC Compounding Extruder

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Our PVC compounding extruder is a counter-rotating parallel twin screw extruder, which is different from those popular conical twin screw extruder used in PVC compounding and extruding industry.

The technology of this PVC compounding extruder is advanced and solves the quality problem due to the narrow anti-temperature range of the stabilizer.

This high performance PVC compounding extruder could achieve good mixing and blending effect. With the same diameter of the screw, the counter-rotating parallel twin screw PVC compounding extruder has higher output than that of traditional two screws PVC compounding extruder.

Configured with our own processed gearbox, this PVC compounding extruder is durable and easy to maintain.

PVC Compounding Extruder Main Features

  • The PVC compounding extruder has special designed 4-axis driven high torque gearbox. It increases the torque of two working axis to the limits and transmits the torque to the two screws at the same time, which can easily process different recipes with different hardness.
  • The temperature of screws of the PVC compounding extruder is controlled at the same level by the heat-transfer oil.
  • Both two screws of the PVC compounding extruder posses independent vacuum drying function which is simple and efficient.
  • The barrel of the PVC compounding extruder has 2 L/D ratio with built-in cooling water channel. The PID temperature control mode can precisely control the working temperature. The built-in heater can transmit energy to the polymer in short time so that it reduces energy consumption.
  • There is PLC intelligent control system for the PVC compounding extruder.
  • The PVC compounding extruder has high productivity.


PVC Compounding Extruder Technical Parameters