Cooling Mixer


Our vertical cooling mixer has good function in storage, drying, cooling and even spreading. Also, some options are available upon customers’ requirements, e.g., double layer cooling cover, explosion-proof design, drying and filtering, vacuum dehumidifying, increasing the cooling area, and specific safety lock, etc.

Cooling Mixer Main Features

  • The boiler of the cooling mixer has interlayer, which is good for heat conduction.
  • There is a direct driven for the cooler, which decreases the rate of maintenance.
  • There are three options for driven of the cooling mixer: dual-speed directly driven, enhanced driven and variable frequency driven.
  • Stainless steel cover of the cooling mixer is convenient to open and close.
  • Polished interior wall of boiler in the cooling mixer is easy to clean.
  • Unique cooling function of the cooling cover of the cooling mixer can enhance the processing capacity.

Cooling Mixer Technical Parameters