Air Ring Die Face Cutter

Harden’s air ring die face cutting system has advantage of good pellet appearance. It can be applied for any pelletizing process. Specially, it is suitable for cutting of PVC, LLDPE, master batch, etc.

 Air Ring Die Face Cutter Main Features

  • The design of flow channel for the air ring pelletizer is simple and efficient.
  • The design of air duct for the air ring cutter reduces the adhesion between pellets, include rigid transparent pellets.
  • The honeycomb-like pelletizing sieve of the air ring cutting system can withstand a back pressure of 250 bars.
  • The air ring cutting system has simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain.
  • The air ring die face cutter has low energy consumption.
  • The pellets cut from the air ring cutter do not need to be dried.